Broadband Vantage (BbV) has developed expertise in four specific areas:
  • Rural and Community Broadband
  • Broadband for Rural Estates
  • Broadband for Science Parks and Business Centres
  • Data Centres
Much of this expertise can be evidenced by referring to the relevant case studies and the wide range of white papers available from the download area.
Our expertise is based on years of experience of delivering Broadband infrastructure across a range of environments from multi-tenanted properties to rural communities. This expertise covers a full range of skills covering strategic, technical and commercial domains.
Projects cover:
  • Strategy and business model development
  • Broadband infrastructure survey, design and project management
  • Procurement, commercial negotiation and contract management
  • Demand generation and marketing
  • Customer surveys
  • Fund raising and outsourcing

  Broadband Vantage announces
strategic partnership with
Bridge Fibre

Broadband Vantage has reached agreement on a
strategic partnership with Bridge Fibre of Cambridge.

Broadband Vantage is committing its activities in the Science Park market to Bridge Fibre and Bob Cushing will take the role of Commercial Director for Bridge Fibre. All future consultancy activities in the multi-tenanted business property market (Science Parks/Business Centres etc.) will be undertaken under the Bridge umbrella. All other BbV activities (rural, public sector and data centres) continues unchanged under the BbV name.

More information is provided below.

Broadband Vantage and Bridge Fibre

Bridge Fibre and Broadband Vantage have committed to working closer together to better serve the multi-tenanted commercial property market with Broadband and other services.

Bridge Fibre is the leading provider of ISP services to the Science Park and business park/centre market and Broadband Vantage provides a range of Broadband consulting services to leading property owners across a number of markets

Bob Cushing will represent Bridge Fibre as Commercial Director:

"Our paths have crossed repeatedly for over 6 years. Bridge has won more of the tenders we have managed for Science Parks than any other provider. They have consistently outperformed the other operators in the market especially in terms of commercial flexibility and customer service. I am delighted to be committing my activities in this market to Bridge"

Bringing the two activities together will enable Bridge to extend its reach and relationships, and build on its existing reputation, as well as reflecting its growth Leigh Partin MD Bridge Fibre said:

"The multi-tenanted commercial property market is a specialist sector where you have to deliver a consistent high quality service to both landlord and tenants over an extended period of time. It takes effort and focus to build those trusted relationships and you have to respect the relationship between the landlord and their tenants, as well as addressing their relative needs individually. We are rightly proud of the team we are building and believe our growth and success is a reflection of the commitment we make to our customers"

Andrew Glover, founder and Chief Executive of Bridge said:

"Whilst we have delivered consultancy services to some of our customers, Bob Cushing brings years of experience and the credibility that come from a more strategic orientation and industry leadership. This will enable us to support clients with a complete end-to-end service starting from when the project is at an early planning stage. Getting the strategy and infrastructure right from the start makes a huge difference to occupancy levels and yield for landlords"

Broadband Vantage has developed standards for ICT infrastructure in multi-tenanted property and co-authored the UK Science Park Associations Best Practice Guides. A wide range of technical and commercial strategy papers and case studies are available free of charge from the download area.

Rural and Community Broadband
The people associated Broadband Vantage (BbV) have been undertaking Rural and Community Broadband projects since before the company started. Having developed the first local loop unbundling project and raised £150m in 1999, projects have included developing products for BT, running an ISP, developing the first sub loop project and many others ensuring communities get access to the best Broadband services possible more...>
Broadband for Rural Estates
Because of its expertise in multi-tenanted business properties such as business centres and science parks and with years of experience in delivering complex community Broadband projects, Broadband Vantage has developed a specific area of expertise in delivering Rural Broadband projects to estates through the creative upgrading of the Broadband infrastructure and cooperative outsourcing. more...>
Broadband for Science Parks & Business Centres
Having run a company that delivered Broadband infrastructure to Business Centres and Science Parks, the principal of Broadband Vantage is ideally placed to advise Business Centres and Science Parks on the criticality of including a state of the art Broadband infrastructure to deliver Next Generation Access and ICT services to tenants. more...>
Bridge Fibre UKSPA